Preschool Program

Our Kinder program uses equipment specially designed for the smaller child. Classes are 45 minutes in length, with the exception of our Mini-Stars Performance Troupe (½ hour) and our Advanced KinderNastics class (1 hour).

Class Description Day/Time

KinderBabies Ages walking-23 months; M/W/F 10:00
adult participation Sat 10:00

KinderBuddies Ages 24 months to 3 years; M/W/F 10:00
adult participation Sat 10:00

KinderGym Ages 3–4 pre-school gymnastics M/W/F 9:00
Sat 9:00

KinderNastics Ages 4½-5½ pre-school gymnastics M/W/F 11:30,
Tues. 6:00
Sat 9:00

Adv. K’Nastics Pre-school gymnastics for the more
advanced child ages 4-5½

TumbleTots Trampoline, double mini-trampoline
and tumbling class for grades pre-K
and Kindergarten (approximate ages 4-6)

Mini-Stars Performance Troupe for grades pre-K to 2
(approximate ages 4-7